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Continual research and development into what serious clay and game shooters want in a gun has resulted in the exciting Blaser Professional — a more refined and improved version of the original F3.

blaser f3 super sport

Although the distributorship of this German-built shotgun has recently changed to Open Season Ltd, much of the development work for the Professional was done by its previous distributor, Alan Rhone — a point readily conceded at Open Season. The mechanical chassis of the F3 has been around for a few years now and while it is a well thought out design, little problems and niggles have surfaced from time to time.

Where improvements to the gun have been identified, re-modified parts have been made so that the gun is now as good as it can possibly be. The Professional comes with a choice of 30 or 32in barrels proofed for special steel shot proof, as have the five colour coded extended Briley Spectrum choke tubes supplied with every gun. A stock weight adjuster is standard in the Professional, as is a barrel weight set that allows the owner to fine tune the balance of his gun to his exact needs.

Because of this facility the gun handles extremely well and with a great deal of precision. The Professional is somewhat easier to load than other over-unders because the extra length of the action frame creates a good gape when the gun is open. Stock length is Drop at heel is 2. It certainly has gone up but so too have all imported guns thanks to the strength of the Euro against the pound. Home Reviews Guns Shotguns.

Product: Blaser F3 Professional shotgun review. Make no bones about it, the quality of engineering within the gun is superb. A big range of other tubes including flush fitting versions — can be bought.

Left hand stocks are available as are guns with a left hand opening top lever. Verdict A quality product.By Luke, January 2, in Guns.

I would go for the Kreighoff it will have a better trade in value when you decide that a Miroku is actually what you need. I have given all three a good go.

F3 SuperSport

My conclusion about which hits more clays is not even worth mentioning as its so subjective and personal. I think the Blaser is the best value if you plan to keep it. It's the cheapest of the three and the balance weight system is great. You won't really know until you try one for targets at least. But even then, that will just be the beginning and real progress will come with whichever one you stick with and get used to.

Thats somewhere near the trade in price after arm wrestling the dealer for an hour. Ive had a go with a friends parcours lovely gun felt brilliant nice sight picture just a bit deeper than my pockets will go ,thanks for the input its a tough one.

I settled on the Blaser Supersport about 18 months ago after trying all three makes and owning Miroku's and Brownings for years. I settled on the Blaser because it was the one I felt most comfortable shooting and it cured my tendency to lift my head in an instant. Took a while to get best fit and to be honest I never notice the rib. I would have probably went for the Vantage model now but it was not available then.

Still learning with it but love it to bits. I still miss daft birds here and there, that's just me not the gun. Guns are like cars, we all have our preferences and the world would be really boring if we all liked the same. We also would have nothing to make excuses about on this forum hahaha.

Use cheap shells. They will open up. I think i have a tendecy to do that aswell ferret might go to doveridge you can hire one for 20 pounds i think the supersport. Is this correct or is it bull pile' i see theres a 10 year warrenty with the blaser to!

I feel that it has really helped with my bad neck as it keeps my head more upright i bought the adj stock versionbut as most have said above, they are all fantastic guns. Can't say that I have heard of or experienced any primer issues with my F3, nor any other issues if I'm honest. If you do go down the F3 route, just make sure the small screws that hold the barrel weights in place don't come loose or you may have difficulty with fore-end removal.

Not a problem I've had, just check regularly when taking apart with the wrench supplied. I love it, best gun I've ever shot. Shot a mx12 hpx and that was to lively for me.

Never shot a krieghoff but I really do like the look of them. My f3 is 10 years old and has never let me down once,there was a few nigles with some of the first ones but they will have had the mods if problems were found.

Wholly aside from K-guns being simply to ugly to own. As a long time Perazzi user I would be tempted to recommend them. But what it really comes down to is what meets your needs in the best way. Blaser may not fit that aspect well at all. Another biased opinion but Krieghoff are in a league of their own.

Start new topic. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2.In competition the Blaser shotgun F3's technical superiority will outperform all others. When hunting, the F3's outstanding into pointability and balance will be more than a match for any game. Regardless of the setting, Blaser's shotgun for champions brings new meaning to intuitive shooting through ergonomics and technology. Scroll arabesques frame the animal engravings of the F3 Competition Luxus. Ducks and pheasants form the main motif. Partridges and pheasants, elaborately worked into relief and embedded in a filling of leaf arabesques decorate the side plates of the F3 Competition Grand Luxe.

The newest member of the F3 family offers shooters faster target acquisition and noticeably less neck and shoulder strain thanks to a combination of a significantly higher rib and a perfectly coordinated stock.

Scroll arabesques frame the animal engravings of the F3 "Vantage" Luxus. The F3 "Vantage" Luxus is also available with pure ornamental engraving. Partridges and pheasants, elaborately worked into relief and embedded in a filling of leaf arabesques decorate the side plates of the F3 "Vantage" Grand Luxe. Elegant long side plates with classy engraving characterize the F3 "Vantage" Baronesse. Choose between animal engravings with ducks, pheasants or fine scroll arabesques.

The F3 Supersport is the specialist choice for F. Scroll arabesques frame the animal engravings of the F3 Supersport Luxus. Partridges and pheasants, elaborately worked into relief and embedded in a filling of leaf arabesques decorate the side plates of the F3 Supersport Grand Luxe.

Blaser F3 Professional Review.

Elegant long side plates with classy engraving characterize the F3 Supersport Baronesse. The harmonious combination of total length, balance and weight distribution makes the F3 Supertrap the ideal companion for champions.

Scroll arabesques frame the animal engravings of the F3 Supertrap Luxus. Partridges and pheasants, elaborately worked into relief and embedded in a filling of leaf arabesques decorate the side plates of the F3 Supertrap Grand Luxe. Elegant long side plates with classy engraving characterize the F3 Supertrap Baronesse.

But why is this lock time so critical in shooting? The shorter the lock time the more accurate the shot will be. Along with the fast lock time you must have optimal trigger control.

The F3 trigger breaks as crisp as glass at 1,g with an extremely short length of travel. This ideal combination allows the shooter to realize his full potential without any delay in firing the shot. The barrel selector is conveniently located in front of the trigger and is marked for identification. The purely mechanical selective single trigger operates independent of recoil. The trigger blade can be adjusted for a customized length of pull to insure ideal finger placement.Yesterday, I splurged on a new gun: Blaser F3 Supersport.

blaser f3 super sport

Anyway, I was hoping you could give me your opinion on Blaser F3 quality. Any issues or concerns that I should be aware of??? The Blaser F3 is an excellent gun. John Bidwell was instrumental in setting up its sporting characteristics and he is one of the best British shooters. Later I was able to visit the Blaser factory and watch them being made. The gun is definitely good quality. The gun has a particular feel and handling quality which appeals to many shooters and not to others.

If the F3 feels right to you, you can rest assured that it will remain functional as long as you choose to shoot it. I have half a dozen friends who have them and no one has reported any problems. The service is also excellent. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content. Blaser F3 Supersport Posted on October 9, by bcbuck. Share this: Email Twitter Facebook Pinterest. Like this: Like Loading This entry was posted in Shotguns and tagged Blaser F3 Supersport.

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blaser f3 super sport

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Search for:.Blaser, long known for producing innovative and highly accurate rifles, entered the shotgun market with the release of the impressive Blaser F3 over and under shotgun.

Taking feedback and input from over 10 world champion competitors, Blaser designed the F3 from the start to link shooter and shotgun into one intuitive pointing machine. With an incredible list of features, design improvements and user adjustable options, the Blaser F3 is racking up impressive competition records and shooter acceptance worldwide providing a challenging competiton to Krieghoff, Perrazi and Beretta.

Balance and weight distribution remain the same whichever barrel you choose. Because the F3 is a modular shotgun, shooters can purchase a shotgun and configure it as a sporting clays version, and with addition of a barrel and stock, it can be configured for trap or game shooting. This promotion gives shooters, particularly those who compete in trap shooting, the opportunity to own one of the finest trap shotguns on the market today at a substantial discount.

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 filtered products for Blaser F3 Shotguns Reset. Nightforce Demos and Discounts Vortex Closeouts! FN America Closeouts! Thank you for signing up. Visit scopelist to learn more.

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Restrictions and conditions apply. More Blaser Shotguns. Balancer: The balancer regulates the weight of the butt stock with weight cylinders. All Blaser F3 Shotguns 8 products. Filter Filtered Sort. Category Select Value. Showing 1 - 8 of 8 filtered products for Blaser F3 Shotguns.

No more search result. Apply Clear all. Price Range. Sub Categories All Sub Categories. Why Scopelist. Modify Your Subscription.The F3 Supersport is the specialist choice for F. The system consists of two components: the stock balancer and the barrel balancer.

The stock balancer is a threaded rod that can be equipped with one or two weight cylinders. Thanks to their love of detail, finesse and many years of experience the world's best engravers turn your hunting rifle into a unique piece. Configure the shotgun of your dreams: Using the Blaser configurator, you can easily compile your Blaser F3 individually and order it through your qualified dealer. Search Term. F3 Supersport Configure now. Caliber 12 gauge 3".

F3 left-handed version Each F3 is available as full left-hand version. Adjustable Trigger. Adjustable rib Thanks to the large adjustment range of the rib, demanding Trap shooters can use the F3 at its full potential individually adjustable to the requirements of the shooter by lifting or lowering the rib.

Buttstock Supersport Supersport Monte Carlo buttstock with adjustable comb. Fore-end Schnabel. Mid-bead and front bead.

Blaser F3 Professional shotgun review

Barrel balancer The barrel weight can be increased by up to g 6 lb using balancer weights. Wood grade 4. Chokes Unlimited steel proofing up to half choke. A choke wrench is included in delivery. Optional for a surcharge: extended Briley Spectrum chokes, interchangeable by hand or wrench. Optional Extras. Legal notice Firearms and ammunition can only be sold to permit holders.Best Soccer Predictions Tips For 7th November 20.

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